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NOLLAIG SONA                 
(Happy Christmas)
Nollaig shona go leir i nEirann,
Taghair scith go na gasun og,
Nollaif shona go leir i nEirinn,
Biodh athas oraibb,
Ta iosa ag teacht,
Ta na coinneal ag casadh solas,
Taispeaint an bealach go dti an slanaitheoir,
Seosamh agus Muire siul go socair,
Sios an casan siochan,
Solas agus sioshan go deo.                          
A Iosa Criost a Ri na bfearr,
Stop an mharu agus an fuath,
Cuir athas isteach ina croi,
Biodh se na Nollaih ar an blian fada,
A Iosa,Muire is a Seosamh,
Siul linn an bothar siochan,
Tuiscint duine gra ina gcroi,
Solas agus sioshan go deo,go deo,
Solas agus siochan go deo.

Word's: Patrick O'Flaherty.
Tune: Beth Patterson.  1997.

Mo bhaile Beag.
Dith me gliomach agus balach ur,
Agus caibhear dubh as an Ruis,
Ach an rud is fearr a ith ar ariabbh,
ach an brodan ur ar taobh an tsliabh,
Bi me thar saile go tiortha nua,
Go bailte beag agus cathaie mor,
Ach an ait is deise a bhi me ariabh,
Mo baile beag ar taobh an tsleibh.   

An ait is deise is deise a bhi me ariabh,
Na mo baile beag ar taobh an tsleibh,
Is cuma cen ait ar san domhan mor,
Ta se liom in mo croi.                       

I gConnamara ata mo baile beag,
An AirdMoir is ainm de,
Ach an rud is fearr a tharlach dhom,
Na a beadh ag siul casain ar taobh an tsleibh,                       
Nar brea an saol i gan bron,
beadh ag ithe brodan is ag casadh ceol,
Ach an rud is fearr atarlach dhom,
Na a beadh ag shabhail moin ar taobh an tsliabh.              


Word's: Patrick O' Flaherty.
Tune :Danny O' Flaherty.
Sept 20th 1987.

Sean Seagull

Watch out below -- it's bombs away
The F14, Sean Seagull
You've never seen the likes of it --
The screaming and commotion.
There's no place to hide in Galway Bay
Or down to Skivery
For it's bombs away each night and day
From the Irish F14

He needs no gas or engine
While flying high above
The Irish military budget
Is the best in all the world
While other lands are running dry
To keep their planes up high
The pride of Ireland, Sean Seagull
Is the cheapest bird to fly

The Russians and Americans
May wander out in space
No doubt they are delighted to
Spy on the Irish race
But as they pass old Ireland
I'm sure they are shocked to see
Sean Seagull firing missiles
Into the Irish Sea

Sean Seagull flies so fancy free
With so much ease and grace
For there's no airports needed
He can land in any place.
You can talk about your Harrier
Or the Famous F16
But none can beat Sean Seagull
He's the Irish F14.

Word's and Music:Patrick and Danny O'Flaherty.1989

The 8th of September and After ( Galveston Song)

In 1900 the year of our Lord
A hurricane ravaged the Texas seaboard
September the 8th arose a strange cry
On the Gulf's dark waters, six thousand would die


Together they conquered, together they built
To live, to survive, was their strongest will
Sailors and soldiers fought tears and the wind
And the people united, they set out again

Galveston people were brave, they were bold
They helped one another, from the young to the old
The waves and the gales; their homes broke apart
Destruction left many a broken heart


The Klines were heroes, many lives they did save
But the water kept rising from the hurricane gales
Others ignored warnings, found a watery grave
And the ships in the harbour were crushed by the waves


Oh, Galveston Island you've seen many a storm
That day in September will always live on
Your people's spirit will fight tears and the wind
Together you conquer, together you win

FINISH WITH tune "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

Words and Music by Patrick and Danny O'Flaherty, 1989.

Nessette & Nestor's Song


The leprechauns have made it, it's written in folklore,
The unicorns have disappeared and the famous dinosaur,
Yetti Snowman's melted, Bigfoot's gone on strike,
And Mom and Dad have a pain in the hump,
Every morning, noon and night.

We are the youngest Monsters, our story we will tell,
Lately, our privacy is not doing so well,
There are hovercrafts and monitors, spying night and day,
This lake is getting so crowded; we think we'll move away.

Daddy has a headache; he's really in slump,
Someone dropped an anchor, and hit him on his hump,
I know that sounds so silly, but it happens all the time,
We can't go even shopping; I think it's just a crime


They woke us up the other night; I thought it was a dream,
Passing by our bedroom, was a yellow submarine,
Taking snapshots with their cameras, Oh! I said what gall!
We are the LOCH NESS MONSTERS; You can't see us at all.


We seldom take a look now, you know, we're awfully shy,
This lake is getting so crowded; there are planes up in the sky,
I wish we could go back again, to those days of old,
When our LOCH NESS MONSTER family, could take an evening stroll.


Words: Patrick and Danny O'Flaherty. Music: Danny O'Flaherty.



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